Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Feed Our Furry Friends: Grand Prize sneak peek, pt 1

We are all so excited about the inaugural Feed Our Furry Friends!!, and so happy at the outpouring of support from artists and businesses who are supporting the Pet Food Assistance Program through their generous donations for the event this Saturday (click here for event details)!

Today, a peek at part of the Grand Prize that will go to one lucky attendee! The Grand Prize is valued at over $300, and includes a luxurious Thymes Package from Sensibilities Day Spa and beautiful, locally hand crafted pet food bowls filled with treats for your kitty or puppy companion(s). Here's a peek at some of what's included:

this sweet set for your special feline friend
includes a dish for wet food, a dish for dry,
and a bowl for water.
Handmade by Dawn Dalto

About the artist, Dawn Dalto:

The need to work and create with my hands has been a life long driving force. As a child I learned needlework from my grandmothers. This skill later led to working with needlewoven beadwork. When introduced to clay in 2006 I merged the problem solving and attention to detail of these mediums into my work with clay.

My ceramic work is both decorative and functional. . Forms are mathematically configured with attention to their structure and use, both as individual objects and part of a larger grouping. I consider how the theme of each object will interact to form a family grouping with another.

Creating both decorative and functional work allows me the opportunity to explore in different ways. I have the luxury of creating designs that will be purely for decorative enjoyment as well as the challenge of how to incorporate some of those same themes into objects that will be used in daily life.

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